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Pink Shirt Day would not be possible without the support of our local businesses and organizations! Click here to see how they are supporting Pink Shirt Day, and contact us if you are interested in doing the same!

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Make Nice

Through our campaign this year, we encourage everyone to “Make Nice”. We all have the capacity to be kind and compassionate, and our slogan acts as a friendly reminder that no matter what our differences, being nice is always a choice worth making.


Where Donations Go

Net proceeds from official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts, buttons, and pins are donated directly to programs supporting children’s healthy self-esteem. These programs teach children empathy, compassion and kindness towards both others and themselves. LEARN MORE

Show your support for Pink Shirt Day

100% of official Pink Shirt Day product net proceeds go towards anti-bullying initiatives.

Make the #PinkShirtPromise

In British Columbia, for every positive message posted on social media using #PinkShirtPromise between February 6-22, 2017, Shaw and Coast Capital will donate $1 to the CKNW Orphans’ Fund to support local bullying prevention programs.