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    1. Irish Independent

      Four in 10 children have been victim of bullying in past year
      Irish Independent
      ... kit is already in use in Dublin and is now being rolled out to schools across Cork. The ISPCC said it hopes all Irish schools will make use of the kit, which was developed in response to the over 9,000 calls received by the charity in 2012 in ...

    2. Financial bullying can hurt marriages
      Financial bullying among couples, whether they're married or not, is a less visible but insidious type of intimidation and control. It can take many forms, from withholding money from a spouse's bank account to demanding to see receipts for every ...

      and more

    3. Watch 'Sam,' The 11-Minute Anti-Bullying Film For Anyone Who Is Hurting
      Huffington Post
      Though just barely 11 minutes in length, "Sam" is a short film that explores gender identity and bullying in a subtle, moving story about a young girl who comes to terms with who she really is. According to indieWIRE, director Sal Bardo was inspired to ...

    4. $5000 settles Eugene bullying lawsuit
      (AP) The Eugene School District has paid $5,000 to settle a lawsuit that accused it of failing to stop students at a middle school from bullying and harassing a boy they perceived as gay. The Eugene Register-Guard reports the suit was filed in ...

      and more