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Make a Donation to Pink Shirt Day

Make a Donation to Pink Shirt Day

Did your office, school, community group or friends raise money for Pink Shirt Day this year? Firstly, THANK YOU!! Your donations will go towards anti-bullying programs. You can donate online for an automatic tax receipt here OR send in your cheque to: Pink Shirt Day c/o CKNW Orphans’ Fund 2000-700 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC […]


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London Drugs Now Selling Our 2014 Pink Shirts

London Drugs Now Selling Our Pink ShirtsStarting today, January 31st, and running until in store supplies last, all 77 London Drugs locations in Western Canada will be selling our Pink Shirt Day shirts!

These are the same shirts we sell online but you can save the shipping / postage fees so you can proudly wear on Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday, February 26th.

London Drugs has been a great partner over the years and they continue to support Pink Shirt Day…and we cannot be happier to have them aboard!

The shirts come in a variety of youth and adult sizes, sell for $9.80 and all proceeds go to support anti-bullying programs.

NOTE: Online orders placed after February 21st will NOT arrive before Pink Shirt Day on February 26th – so order early!

For a complete list of London Drugs locations CLICK HERE.

2014 Shirts Now Available at London Drugs

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Personal Bullying Stories, Part 1

yourstoriesFBMany thanks to Lois and Allen who have shared their personal bullying stories with us. We’re grateful for your contributions and hope that your sharing makes a difference in the lives of those dealing with bullying right now.

Lois, age 27

“I’ve sat down to write this many times over the past few weeks. I might get a sentence or two into the computer and then I give up. How do I put into words the way that a handful of people 15-20 years ago shaped my life?

I used to believe that the only definition of a bully was someone who beat you up on the playground for your lunch money. When I was in elementary school that was the common understanding: Bullies were boys who physically attacked weaker boys. And with that as my only definition, it took me a long time to put a name to my experience. But bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and their torment is not limited to physical attacks.

My bullies were my friends. And my worst bullies were my best friends. I was not popular in those awkward middle school years, but I had friends.

The phone rings. It’s for me. But it isn’t a friend on the other end of the phone. It’s a local hairdresser asking why I didn’t come to my appointment: my appointment that I didn’t make. The phone rings again and again and again. And finally one of the salons has an early version of caller ID. The woman reads a number back to me and I know immediately who placed the calls to book the dozens of appointments in my name. I have that phone number memorized because she’s one of my friends.

I had friends to sit with at lunchtime, but there were rules. I had to sit a certain distance away and at least once ended up with chocolate milk dumped on my head.

I met my friend at her locker after school one day, but she wasn’t there. Instead I was greeted by more than 20 girls threatening to gang beat me for talking to my friend’s boyfriend. Of course, they couldn’t take action without her present so things dissipated.

But most of my bullying wasn’t overt. It was a gesture, a sound, a word whispered in the hall, or a look passed behind a teacher’s back.  It was based on silence rather than name-calling. It was freezing a person out of her own life.

I tried to speak up, but my experience didn’t match the definition of bullying my teachers had been taught and so no one called it bullying. No one was called to account for his or her behaviour. It was on my shoulders to leave my school and start over.

It’s been 15-20 years since this all happened, and I am so grateful for Pink Shirt Day and other movements that have redefined bullying and educated teachers on how to respond to it. My teachers didn’t know how to help me, despite their best intentions. Now there are so many more resources so that my experience doesn’t have to be repeated.

Years go by. Things get better. But the scars remain.”

Allen, age 22

“I spent years of my life as a victim of bullying, from when I was nine years old until I was seventeen. During those years, I was in the closet as a trans man, and it impacted my entire life. The way other people treated me made me live in a paralyzing fear of coming out- they treated me badly enough when I wasn’t even out yet- but galvanized my need to become who I am now, rather than live trapped in a constant cycle of torment.

Here’s the thing about my bullying. It was never the same kids twice. For those eight years, it was always a new person or group of people every school year. It was girls and guys alike, and I’d never know which class or what time of day they’d show up. I was constantly verbally harassed, though, and physically injured under the “safe” cover of gym class (which was miserable enough thanks to my condition).

I can’t say what ended the bullying. Maybe nobody was willing to pick a fight with a high school senior, or all the bullies had grown out of it. Maybe coming out to my personal friends gave me the confidence I needed to not be an easy target. But I’d never want to suffer through that again, and nobody else should.”

To share your personal bullying story, click here.


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Celebrate Family Day with the Vancouver Giants and support Pink Shirt Day at the Same Time!

Vancouver Giants

On Monday, February 10th (Family Day in BC), the Vancouver Giants will take on the Victoria Royals at 2pm.
Stick around for post-game fun including player autographs, interactive games & more!

Tickets in the Red Price category are $18 (GST included, service charges apply) and $5 from every ticket sold with that code will go to Pink Shirt Day. Use promo code ‘PINK’ when purchasing tickets. You can order your tickets online by CLICKING HERE.

Net proceeds to benefit anti-bullying programs in BC.

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Who are we raising money for?

2014 Pink Shirt Day T-shirtOur 7th annual Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day is fast approaching! To date, CKNW Orphans’ Fund has raised more than $650,000 for anti-bullying programs in British Columbia. The goal this year is to raise $300,000! But where will this money go?

The proceeds of Pink Shirt Day, including donations and proceeds from official t-shirt and button sales, will benefit the following 10 organizations who have been approved for funding anti-bullying programs in BC.

Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC

We are proud to support the anti-bullying programs they host at their 12 neighbourhood-based clubs in the Lower Mainland. Each of the 1,000 children who come to BGC each day is supported in developing the resiliency against bullying in all its forms, and in developing the skills to be active participants in bullying prevention.

Big Sisters of BC Lower mainland

We are happy to support their “Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” program. The program focuses on physical activity, balanced eating, and self-esteem, and its goal is to positively shape the lives of young women by helping them build a positive self-image.

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

We are proud to support their in-school mentoring program, where volunteers spend one hour a week playing games and sports, doing arts and crafts, baking, talking, or hanging out on the playground with a boy or girl at a nearby elementary school.

The Canadian Red Cross of BC

We are thrilled to support their RespectED violence and abuse prevention program, which addresses violence against children, relationship violence, bullying and harassment, and helps organizations create safe environments for children in their care.

The Crisis Centre

We are proud to support their YouthInBC.com building capacity program, an on-line crisis chat service, where individuals can chat 1-on-1 with a trained volunteer from the Crisis Centre.

Kids Help Phone

We are pleased to provide funds for their anonymous and confidential professional counselling services for children and youth at risk all across Canada.

Kidsafe Project Society

We are proud to support their Young Leaders program, which teaches youth, who are navigating adolescence in uncertain circumstances, pre-employment skills. It also provides first aid, babysitting and Food Safe courses, resume writing and interviewing skills, sports and out-trips, and involvement in community service.

Leave out Violence Society (LOVE BC)

We are pleased to support the anti-bullying work they do through leadership and violence prevention committees. They hold workshops that address the root causes of bullying and actively work to support youth in building respect for each other.

Vancouver Opera Association

We are supporting their newly-commissioned production of “Stickboy”, a chamber opera for young audiences about the bullying cycle. Spoken word poet Shane Koyczan is penning the libretto for the opera based on his own experiences with bullying. It will open at the Vancouver Playhouse in October 2014.

YMCA of Greater Vancouver

We are proud to support their alternative suspension program. This program is an opportunity for suspended students to turn their time away from school into a positive experience. Students have time to get caught up on school work, as well as time to attend workshops to get to the root of the students’ difficulties.

We hope you’ll help us raise funds for these very worthwhile organizations. Let’s make #pinkshirtday 2014 the biggest and best yet!

Click here to donate. 

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Donate to Pink Shirt Day

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