Nick Vujicic is changing the perspective of bullying amongst kids one school at a time. Born with no arms and no legs, Nick struggled with his disability throughout his childhood. Although he was born this way, Nick learned that in life, things may happen that don’t make sense.  Watching Nick, one can quickly learn that he is very funny, joyful, and down to earth. He is the type of person that anyone can openly talk to, and that’s exactly what he does for a living. In 2013, Nick spoke to the students at Southwest High in El Centro, California about Love without Limbs.

Nick starts off by talking about his parents, and how they always encouraged and continuously showed him love. They pushed Nick to believe that he won’t know what he is capable of until he has tried. He talks about how in life, everyone has different desires where people wish they were smarter, taller, shorter or more popular. Nick just wished his life was different, he looked at everyone else where they had more in life than him, asking “why me?”

“We all want love, we want to be cool at school, and we want to be accepted.”

Bullying is something that Nick had to deal with on a daily basis. On average, it would take 3 seconds for Nick to be bullied at school. Kids would call him ugly, or tease him based on things he was unable to do. Although it seemed ridiculous and heartless to pick on someone with no limbs, people did it because it was fun, it was culture. Nick compared facing bullying at school to dying; it came to the point where he started to believe what bullies would tell him.

It wasn’t until he realized you have a choice in life where you keep going, or give up.

Nicks asks the kids of Southwest High if they would be friends with Nick, even though he has no arms and no legs. As everyone in the audience answered yes, Nick questions “seriously, you would be my friend, even though I have no arms, no legs?” As the kids scream yes, Nick asks “So you’re telling me it actually doesn’t matter, right?”

“If it actually doesn’t matter, for how we look,
then why do we tease one another for how we look
if it actually doesn’t matter?”

“There were 12 people one day teasing me, taking me away from my hope. 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… But 12 people teased me one day, and I can put a pretty brave face on. But cry on the inside.”  Nick commends his parents by saying “…because my parents told me I was beautiful, I am still here. Some of you don’t have those parents, and that’s why I’m here.”

“I love you and you’re beautiful just the way you are. Never ever give up.”

Out of the 600 schools that Nick has spoken to, 1 school has completely ended bullying. “I got a letter from the headmaster, and he said ‘Nick you forever changed our school…we haven’t seen any bullies pick on anybody for 8 months straight. We don’t know what happened, but in the best words that I can describe, there’s a new thought in the air that it just ain’t cool anymore.’”

So Nick asks, what are you going to do? The change is up to you. “If you want to see more love in your school, be love.  I’m asking you to stop.”

“Love yourself a bit more. Love each other a lot more.”

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