From Canada’s own Calgary, Alberta, Blair France is a mother of three children who took a stand against racial bullying. Blair’s family consists of her husband, two girls, who are between the ages of seven and 12, and an eight-month old son. After recently moving into a housing complex, she noticed that her children were getting bullied by the other children living within the same neighborhood. Majority of the complex consisted of East African immigrant families, whose children would bully Blair’s family on a regular basis.

Blair’s children were being bullied through racial taunts and physical abuse. Earlier this year, Blair had rocks thrown at her house by her neighbor’s children, so she wrote to the mayor and local media to spread awareness about the bullying her family was facing. As the bullying escalated, she decided to put an end to this form of bullying by bridging the cultural gap. Blair took the initiative to bring the whole neighborhood together in a community barbeque! According to National Post, the barbecue went peacefully, however documents obtained under a freedom-of-information request show that the problems quickly worsened. “Personally I believe this bullying is getting out-of-hand in the complex,” an area supervisor reported just two days after the barbecue, noting that “the kids are doing the same thing.”

Recently, Calgary’s public housing officials relocated the family to a new complex. However, Blair’s efforts in standing up for her family and trying to close the cultural gap between her previous neighbors and children are inspirational. Blair continues to stay hopeful in the fight against all forms of bullying, and communicated that she has no hard feelings against the issue and continues to wish everyone the best. “Children, live each day as a new day with smiles and laughter, you are only a kid once (so) enjoy it!” – Blair France.

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