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Travis Price and Jen Schaeffers on The Rush

Co-founder Travis Price and CKNW Oprhans’ Fund Executive Director Jen Schaeffers chat with Fiona about Pink Shirt Day.

Travis Price’s anti-bullying movement started in his Nova Scotia high school when he heard a grade 9 student was being bullied because he wore a pink shirt day to school. The next day he brought 75 pink tank tops for all his friends to wear and the movement has grown ever since.

CKNW Orphans’ Fund has raised over $650,000 since 2008 for anti-bullying programs around the province and on Wednesday February 26th, 2014 Travis and Jen are encouraging everyone to stand up against bullying by wearing PINK.

Travis Price and Jen Schaeffers - Pink Shirt Day
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5 Responses to “Travis Price and Jen Schaeffers on The Rush”

  1. Lisy says:

    I’m a teacher in a primary school in Quebec and I want to thank you for inspiring me. As a child and teenager i was bullied almost every day and i thought it was normal. As a teacher I see the children being bullied now and i know it is not ok, and not normal and i know how it can affect a person even in her adult life.

    I took a stand.

    This year will be our second year celebrating pink shirt day in my school and i just wanted you to know that together, we will make a change for the better.

    Thank you for what you have given me… Hope for a better tomorrow.

    Happy pink shirt day tomorrow!

  2. We are celebrating Pink Shirt Day at Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario tomorrow. Thank you for being an inspiration! :)

  3. Michele Lawlor says:

    We are celebrating our 3rd annual Pink Shirt Day at Morning Glory Public School in Pefferlaw ON. Tom Brown on Toronto CTV News (6:00) gave a “shout out” about Pink Shirt Day last night. I sent him a Pink Shirt. Together we can put a stop to bullying. HAPPY PINK SHIRT DAY!

  4. Eric Dell says:

    If anti bullying starts to work at the School Board level (as per news posts on this page) dare we hope that it may eventually start to work at the level of international politics ? Unless it does, all we are teaching students is “don’t bully until you are big enough to use “national interests” as you justification for threats and actual military & economic interventions. Does it seem a bit ironic that the way we teach people not to threaten is to threaten them?

  5. gary oak says:

    travis price is a true hero to so many kids including me


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