download Autodesk Algor Simulation Professional 2011 Powerful Workplace Bullying Commercial

A day at work doesn't look like this. What about a day at school?A download Symantec Norton GhostтДв 15.0 French broadcaster asked the question, “Why do we tolerate bullying in schools? What would it look like if those bullies were in the workplace?”

The end result is a powerful video which gives us all pause for thought.

The 93 second video entitled “Le Monde en face : Harcèlement à l’école” (The World Opposite: Harassment at School) depicts schoolyard bullying in the workplace and ending with the words, “A day at work doesn’t look like this. What about a day at school?”

So if we are outraged by this type of bullying in the workplace, why is it tolerated in schools?

Le Monde en face : Harcèlement à l'école - France 5 (BA)
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  1. Jennifer Loe says:

    There are many different types of bullies including cyber bullies, school bullies, workplace bullies and military bullies. Bullying has no age restrictions; bullies can be either young or old. People who bully others can mess up the victim’s future and destroy the their own. Studies show the people who bully other people earlier in life are more likely to drop out of school, become involved in gangs and violence, and engage in more serious crimes. Those that are being bullied are more likely to become anti-social, develop trust problems, and become depressed and lonely, possibly even suicidal. Giving also additional protection to kids is not bad, monitoring their location would be very great here a safety application on the phone that parents can use to help and add safety to their children. Check this site out for information:!/page_home.


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