best price Adobe Premiere Elements 10 full Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day” Video Project – An expression of solidarity and compassion against bullying

Shane Koyczan's "To This Day" Project - An expression of solidarity and compassion against bullyingHello my darlings,

There are so many people to thank this month. It wasn’t that long ago that I teamed up with Giant Ant Studios in Vancouver to bring forth a project for Pink Shirt Day. Today we share it with you.

This animated piece is the result of a group of individuals coming together and binding their talents in an expression of solidarity and compassion. I am humbled by the extraordinary efforts of those who selflessly gave their time and committed themselves to bring out this message in such a beautiful way. A slow but deliberately building applause should go out to:

To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan
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The animators whose beautiful work I can’t even begin to distill into words:

Ryan Kothe
Mike Healey
Will Fortanbary
Brian San
Diego De la Rocha
Gizelle Manalo
Adam Plouff
Mike Wolfram
Hyun Min Bae
Oliver Sin
Seth Eckert
Viraj Ajmeri
Vishnu Ganti
Yun Wang
Boris Wilmot
Cameron Spencer
DeAndria Mackey
Matt Choi
Reimo Õun
Samantha Bjalek
Eli Treviño
Ariel Costa
Caleb Coppock
James Mabery
Samir Hamiche
Waref Abu Quba
Deo Mareza and Clara
Josh Parker
Scott Cannon
Thomas McKeen
Kaine Asika
Marcel Krumbiegel
Teresa del Pozo
Eric Paoli Infanzón
Maxwell Hathaway
Rebecca Berdel
Zach Ogilvie
Anand Mistry
Chase Ogden
Dominik Grejc
Gideon Prins
Lucy Chen
Mercedes Testa
Rickard Bengtsson
Stina Seppel
Daniel Göttling
Julio C. Kurokodile
Marilyn Cherenko
Tim Darragh
Jaime Ugarte
Joe Donaldson
Josh Beaton
Margaret Schiefer
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Ryan Kaplan
Yeimi Salazar
Daniel Bartels
Joe Donaldson
Daniel Molina
Sitji Chou
Tong Zhang
Luc Journot
Vincent Bilodeau
Amy Schmitt
Bert Beltran
Daniel Moreno Cordero
Marie Owona
Mateusz Kukla
Sean Procter
Steven Fraser
Aparajita R (This is correct, does not want last name)
Ben Chwirka
Cale Oglesby
Igor Komolov
Markus Magnusson
Remington McElhaney
Tim Howe
Agil Pandri
Jessie Tully
Sander Joon
Kumphol Ponpisute
James Waters
Chris Koelsch
Ronald Rabideau
Alessandro & Manfredi (Last names to come)
Andrea López
Howey Mitsakos

Giant Ant Studios
Leah Nelson
Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Alicia Katz
for having the bravery to helm such a monumental project.

Brett Wilson
Joni Avram
for their generosity of spirit and tireless support.

Olivia Mennell
Maiya Robbie
Stefan Bienz
Corwin Fox
Aaron Joyce
Christina Zaenker
Melissa Bandura
for creating such a beautiful piece of music and having the patience to explore this art form with me.

Christi Thompson
Jess Sloss
for keeping me organized and making me appear to look like I know what I’m doing.

Loretta Mozart AKA my Grandmother
Sandy Garossino
Nea Reid
for never saying “You can’t do that.” For always saying “OK… how can I help?”

A special thanks to all of the teachers, students and parents who took the time to ask if I had anything to say about bullying. You reminded me that we gather strength through sharing and that our experiences can help others navigate the rough seas around us long enough to find land.

My deepest apologies to anyone I have ever hurt with my thoughtlessness. It was never my intention to cast shadows around your light. I wish you all an unrelenting happiness and a clear path toward your pursuits. The cherished lesson that I’ve learned throughout all of this is that honour is easier to maintain than it is to restore… that , of course, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Stay Beautiful,


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