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Anti-Bullying Comic on Kickstarter

Anti-Bullying Comic on Kickstarter When I was in middle school I was bullied. I was taunted, teased, hit and pushed. I was bullied because I was short, shy and extremely geeky. For a bleak period, I felt utterly alone. I begged my parents not to go to the principal  because I thought it would get worse. Eventually my parents did step in and finally my nightmare was over. I grew up and moved on but the scars of being bullied still linger.

Because I know what it feels like to be bullied, I immediately had to back the Kickstarter for  You Are Not Alone. This comic anthology is all about overcoming bullying and connecting with others who’ve suffered as well. These are important stories that need to be told.

You Are Not Alone will feature stories from comic book writers  Gail Simone Raven Gregory, and more. There will also be stories from  GeekMom Corrina‘s 13 year old, autistic son, Kyle, and from  GeekMom Dakster. The over 200 page anthology is being released by  GreyHaven Comics. The goal for the publication is to bring hope and help to anyone is experiencing or witnesses bullying or abuse.

As someone who survived being bullied, I know there is life after school and that there is hope for a better future. I personally hope that  You Are Not Alone can help those who are in need.

You can learn more about  You Are Not Alone at their  Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter is going on now until March 3rd.

Wired - Anti-Bullying Comic on Kickstarter

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