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2013 Posters Ready For Download

2013 Pink Shirt Day Posters are now available for downloadWant a great and easy way to announce your school, group or business are selling the 2013 Pink Shirt Day shirts or to list events for Pink Shirt Day on February 27, 2013?

Here are a couple of posters you can download, print off and hang up! If you want a letter size version (8.5″ x 11″) CLICK HERE and for the larger ledger size (11″ x 17″) you can CLICK HERE.

The posters are in colour and will look great (even printed in black and white) wherever you put them.

We would love to see how and where you put the posters. Send your photos to!

12 Responses to “2013 Posters Ready For Download”

  1. Barry says:

    Why is this site watering down the origins of Pink SHirt Day? The homophobic incident that started it all!

  2. pinkshirtday says:

    Barry – Pink Shirt Day looks at ALL forms of bullying. Gender, sexual orientation, cyber, workplace, etc. There is no “watering down”, rather an opening up to the fact that there are many, MANY forms of bullying which need to be addressed.

  3. Roberta says:

    Who is the illustrator for your shirts this year? I like the new style!

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi there! Just wondering how much shipping costs would be for 20-30 shirts sent to Quesnel, BC. Thanks!

  5. Do you have any shirts with french writing on them? We bought a couple of shirts in Edmonton for our family, but would like more! Great design. We are also referring to Pink Shirt Day in our workshops as we discuss Workplace Respect and deal with the topic of bullying/harassment in the workplace. It’s not just kids that are bullied.

  6. pinkshirtday says:

    Roberta – Design firm TAXI in Vancouver, BC created the design for us.

    Kelly – shipping costs vary by number of shirts ordered and where you are located. Best to visit, enter in your order (or best guess of your order), click ADD TO CART, then ESTIMATE SHIPPING.

    Michelle – regrettably, our shirts are English only. We have had requests for shirts in a dozen different languages….so something to consider for next year! Thank-you for referring to us in your workshops!

  7. Barb says:

    Can Pink Shirt Day buttons be purchased from somewhere?

  8. Catherine Howard says:


    I am currently enrolled in the LPN program at the Truro Campus in Nova Scotia. Myself, and a friend are doing a project for Health Promotion and we decided to do it on bullying & cyberbullying. We plan to go to two high schools on March 18th, and speak in front of all the students. We contacted our local MP Karen Casey, who took time out of her schedule to speak with us. She will be sending us some info, and would like us to forward all our research material to her, as she has been trying to get legislation for bullying. I would appreciate any support and info you can provide, as we need to stop bullying.

    Thank you

    Catherine Howard

  9. Zac says:

    So you claim your organization is not watering down the issue that launched the pink shirt day: homophobic bullying, and yet I find not a single reference to how discrimination and bullying are tied together and how marginalized/at-risk demographics are most affected by bullying.

    Really interesting to see how your shirt this year also perpetuates the stereotype that bullying is done by a big jock, whereas so much of bullying is from your average joe clark.

    Also, this complete lack of resources for your average student to educate themselves about bullying, or how they can actually get involved beyond donating to you.

    And then there is the complete lack of any actual programming. I don’t see anywhere on this website any info about what your organization does beyond get people to wear pink. Wearing pink is a great show of solidarity, but where are the conferences to give young people tools to fight bullying? where are the workshops to help educate young people? What steps are being taken to get governments and school boards to create progress legislation to protect at risk youth? Or even to create legislation to help deal with bullies?

    All of your funds go to amazing organization, I don’t question that, but none of them specifically have the mandate to fight bullying and discrimination, SINCE THEY ARE TIED TOGETHER, and since you have no programming to do that yourself, I seriously question the validity of this PinkShirtDay as a cause I, or anyone, should support.

    We need to engage young people in a CONVERSATION about bullying. On your list of things to do, not ONCE does it mention talking about bullying and how it is perpetuated. Not ONCE do you mention that the kid who started this all was targeted by homophobia.

    All I see in this is a farce put on by a group that clearly needs to be educated about fighting bullying and discrimination. A group that is more focused on getting people to tweet at them rather than create change. If your organization was the only one fighting bullying, this country would not be moving forward very quickly at all. Luckily, there are organizations our there that actually know what they are talking about, and have bothered to open their eyes.

  10. Pink Shirt Day says:

    Zac – First off, thank-you for all the work you do at Jer’s Vision. All the best with the Day of Pink in April.

    Pink Shirt Day focuses on ALL forms of bullying as we have realized over the last seven years that bullying often takes on various and multiple forms.

    We raise funds so that groups with the knowledge and experience to combat bullying – Kids Help Phone, LOVE, Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, etc. That is our aim.

    Travis Price – one of the two boys who stood up against the bullies in 2007 and is the inspiration for Pink Shirt Day – was out in BC today supporting our efforts. We carry on his vision and his good work.

    Pink Shirt Day alone will not end bullying or shine a light on this problem. It is only by working with all groups and interested individuals that this will happen. We continue to do this and look forward to yet another successful Pink Shirt Day in 2015.

    All the best.

  11. Zac says:

    Thank you for your response.

    I do apologize for post, it was excessively aggressive. In retrospect, I should have sent my comments in an email and proposed solutions, rather than just point out problems.

    My main issue was that there does seem to be a lack of resources on your website for young people to educate themselves about bullying. Much of the programming done in schools already is often lacking, and there is a serious lack or resources for young people to educate themselves. With that in mind, I would suggest ensuring that there are resources on your site available to young people, or that you ensure that you have resources that detail how young people can actively get involved and take action in their schools available should anyone inquire after them, and that examine the fact that marginalized groups are more often targets more bullying that most young people. This sort of resource is especially important to ensure your pink shirt day spurs dialogue and gets people thinking about bullying.

    I agree that we need to work together as a society if we are to combat bullying effectively.

    Once more, I would like to apologize for the aggressive nature of my above comments. I realize in retrospect that my comments were far from productive or constructive.

    Best of wishes,


  12. Pink Shirt Day says:

    Thanks Zac for your follow-up.

    We are working with our funded partners to include their resources on our site. This way Pink Shirt Day can provide more support for stemming the tide of bullying.

    Looking forward to working closer with you and others as we move ahead.


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