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Audio: Phoebe Prince Suicide: School Didn’t Use Advice to Stop Bullies

Phoebe PrinceInterview with Barbara Coloroso internationally recognized speaker in parenting and bullying and author of “THE BULLY, THE BULLIED, AND THE BYSTANDER BREAKING THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE”.

She joins CKNW’s Christy Clark Show to discuss the Phoebe Prince bully / suicide case.

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5 Responses to “Audio: Phoebe Prince Suicide: School Didn’t Use Advice to Stop Bullies”

  1. against.bullying says:

    that is really sad, no one should have to live through that. it is good people like travis and david are out there to stop this, i personally think the school should have done something to stop this from happeninh.

  2. Long-term goal? says:

    I feel personally that the Pink Shirt Day will be forgotten before the next week makes it here. Schools will host it as an event only to be thought about once a year. This is called the “Tourist Approach”. If we are to put an end to bullying, manditory rules on how to handle these incidents including penalties for teachers, those in charge etc….should be listed. In Canada, we tend to forget or not put enough score on certain issues which face our citizens, and take on the “Tourist Approach” when dealing with them.
    I hope true change comes eventually. Let us not close the book on this chapter the moment April the 15th rolls in.

  3. a parent says:

    In my state as of this year a state wide board of ed ban on all bullying went into affect. Thank god.
    Schools here have to report it all and if any abuse happens the cops get involved My entire state has a population of 3 mil but we are a nice friendly place and we aim to keep it that way. It is also helped bring new jobs to the area.

  4. I know this comment is late but having a special day for this does not work. The next day it will be business as usual. Also bullying does not only occur at school level it is very much alive and well in the corporate world. Human Resources seem to have their hands tied just as a lot of the teachers do. It is still a sad state of affairs and will be for a long time yet unless enforcement takes a tough stand in these cases.

  5. Lina Rondeau says:

    Hi there,I’m the employment equity rep and women’s advocate in my work place and am very interested in being a part of next years’ campaign.What i need to know is when is next years Day(I know you changed it last year Olympics)and can I get a large order of shirts. Bulling is not just in schools, the same poeple that were bullied in school are getting bullied as adults but it’s so nice to know that our youth started the pink shirt day maybe the adults could learn a few things from them. Thank you and have a nice day


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