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Share your Pink Shirt ideas and win a prize!

Share your ideas and win a great prize from the Westin Bayshore Hotel! We want to know what you, your school, your business, your family, etc. are doing to support Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day on February 25th.

Either share your plans in the Comments section below or write to Feel free to send in photos, video or whatever else you think of to help show the world what you are going to say BULLYING STOPS HERE!

To help you get even more motivated, we are offering a prize in one of the most beautiful places to stay in Vancouver an overnight stay for two at the Westin Bayshore Hotel with breakfast plus the incredibly comfortable bright pink Bliss Blanket the worlds softest blanket!  We want to hear about the most creative way you are thinking and wearing Pink on February 25th.

The deadline is noon Vancouver time on February 25th and we will announce the winner on CKNWs Christy Clark Show, on this website and via our Twitter account before 3pm that day.

Looking forward to seeing all your great, creative ideas!

26 Responses to Share your Pink Shirt ideas and win a prize!

  1. samranadeem says:

    Life is Imp either its urs or anybody else.

    Keep Life In Mind

  2. CJ (SupGirlCJ on Youtube) says:

    I am making a pink shirt day collab on youtube! the video is not published yet and i already have 3 people joining for sure! My school is also doing a pinkshirt day.

  3. Kristie Schwanebeck says:

    My son has been the target of bullying for two years running now. His school has tried to keep on top of things and manage it but its tough. However, the same class my son is in, the grade 8 class, is going on a mission trip this spring to a Native reserve on Vancouver Island. Now my kids ae in a private school so they wear a uniform. What they are doing is anyone who wants to wear pink can bring in a toonie or a loonie and then they dont have to wear their uniform, rather they can wear something pink (the school is having a red option for the boys). The proceeds from this will go towards the Mission Trip. I will try and get some pictures and post them up.

  4. I have developed a program called the No Bully Zone show that is filled with magic and fun! Its a great way to get the message across to students about the cause and effects of bullying. I demonstrate how kids can work together and help each other to eliminate bullyin